If the file doesn’t meet the ownership threshold, it ends up in Ingest Blocked status. A user must address any files with this status. By default, the ownership threshold is set to 90%. It can be adjusted in Settings > Environment > Ownership.


There are two ways to address the Ingest Blocked status.

Option 1

Go to PST Flight Deck console > Manage > Operations > Ingest Blocked wizard.

There are options to Do Nothing, Unblock file, or Delete file. Unblock allows the file to continue through the migration process.

Note: From PST Flight Deck version 6.2, there is an option to change the owner directly in the Ingest Blocked wizard. Select file, right click and a pop up window will show up with options.

Option 2

Go to PST Flight Deck console > Manage > Owners.
This screen shows more information about the PST file, making it easier for you to appropriately address the file.

Information about the File Owner, Common sender or receiver, and Suggested User helps you ensure the file’s assignment is correct
To assign the correct user, either:

  • Select the Accept suggested user button, which assigns the file to the user shown in Suggested user column or
  • Use the Set Owner button, and then assign the file to any user.

Both actions add the selected/suggested user to Operator Override column.
After the user is set (as shown in the Operator Override column), select Unblock to continue migrating the file.


If you select the Unblock button before selecting the owner, a warning popup window appears, as shown below.

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