By default Archive Shuttle does not update a user record and owner assignment after initial AD sync.  Therefore a deletion of a record from AD when a user leaves (resp. has no mailbox associated anymore) is not reflected in Archive Shuttle database after next AD sync. Such archive, that is in fact ownerless, cannot be mapped with Leavers functionality, as it seems to have a user assigned.


In order to make an archive ownerless, all data related to previously assigned user needs to be deleted from Archive Shuttle Directory Database. Once all related data will be deleted, an archive becomes ownerless. To do this, new cleanup users feature has been introduced in Archive Shuttle 9.8 release.

Implementation details

The new cleanup feature is available only from Archive Shuttle database or AS PowerShell. It is not available in UI yet, but you can make it visible in UI if it is needed. Cleanup of not synced/deleted users is processed only for users who are not included in any kind of mappings as is regular mapping or journal transformation user mapping. Also finished users (Stage 2 finished or JT finalized user) are not cleanup from Archive Shuttle database.
Not synced and deleted users are cleanup from AS DB structures. Cleanup of users is applicable for on premise users, migrated users, cloud-only users, hybrid users, shared mailboxes.
In case cleanup user feature is turned on following tables are affected:
[EVArchive] association between EV archive and user is updated
New table [AuditUser] contains records about the deleted users(s). Records are created for every user when cleanup of users task is processed. Records in the table can be duplicated in case of multiple cleanup of user(s) and after every cleanup user(s) are re-synced.
If for some reason a user(s) have been cleaned-up and association between archives and users does not exist. It’s needed to do full Active Directory sync, Office 365 sync and archive collections to make associations between archives and users again.
Table [SettingDefinition] in Archive Shuttle Directory database contains 2 new settings ‘CleanupOfUsers‘ ID 343 and ‘CleanupOfUsersNotUpdatedLongerThan‘ ID 344. These settings are hidden by default. If you like you can make these settings visible in UI. You should find them in Archive Shuttle Configuration-General System Settings page.
ID 343 – Enable or disable cleanup of user(s) feature.
ID 344 – Cleanup user(s) not updated longer than the number of days specified. The value 0 will disable this setting and only users with ‘deleted date’ in [User] table will be removed from the AS DB.
New task named CleanupOfUsers with id 34 was added to table [ScheduledTask] in Archive Shuttle Directory database. It needs to run to execute the cleanup of not synced/deleted users. The task runs every 2160 minutes (1,5 day).
The process can be monitored via ArchiveShuttle.Service.log.txt file.


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