Items might remain on disk (Staging Area), if

  • they cannot be ingested into the target environment, or
  • a container mapping is deleted from Archive Shuttle. Related items which currently exist in Staging Area are not cleaned up, unless they are manually removed.

It might be necessary to identify such items on disk (Staging Area).


All items belong to the certain container and migration of each container is identified by Container Mapping Id. This Id can be found e.g. on Existing Mappings or Stage 1 screen (add column Container Mapping Id). Items are located on disk in folders, that are named according Container Mapping Id.
In order to find the specific path of such folder, following should be done:
1. Run attached SQL scripts against ArchiveShuttleDirectory database.

  • Staging area path for exported and not imported items
  • Staging area path for specific item id

2. Assamble the network path according following schema:
The 3 digit subfolder name is derived from the first three characters of the Item ID.

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