Filter mappings using tags in two simple steps:

  1. Click on tag field.
  2. On the Archive Shuttle page, click on the exact tag name.

In Archive Shuttle, at the bottom of every page where archives can be filtered, the current filter displays, as shown below.

In this example, mappings on this page are filtered by the link name, which equals O365-Target. If you click on the filter, the filter builder wizard opens, as shown below.
There are a number of options you can use to build a filter. If you want to filter mappings using a tag with the nor condition, follow the steps below.
First, choose not and or not or and click the plus icon, which adds the new filter to filter build. Then, click the blue string and choose an exact filter name from the drop-down menu shown below.
Choose tags. Then, click on the green string to set a proper condition. Choose equals. Finally, click on the gray string and enter the name of the tag that should be excluded from filtering.

After completing the steps above, you created a filter that excludes archives with the specified tag name.

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