Users in PST Flight Deck can be also enabled in batches scheduled for desired time frame.  This option can be found in the Admin console in Manage > Schedule groups.

Scheduling a group:

  1. Click on the Add button located in the top left corner.
  2. Fill in all the columns in the wizard:

Scheduled Groups
Schedule date: Time frame when the group should be enabled
Priority: Set the desired priority for the users ( Priority can not be zero, this feature only allows to enable users not to disable them)
Retry days: How many days will try to enable this group ( minimum is 1)
Users: By clicking on “Add Users” you are able to select multiple users to be enabled. Users already enabled (with priority higher than zero) are not listed.
3. Check in the Settings > Scheduled Tasks >  if the task “Process migration schedule groups” is running. This task is responsible for enabling the groups.
There is also a possibility to import users via CSV file. Required steps for this process can be found here.

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