From time to time the Enterprise Vault Import module may log particular errors relating to the import of items. These errors may originate from the Enterprise Vault API. This article will explain how to perform an Enterprise Vault DTRACE which can be used to further troubleshoot the issue
In order to try to capture a good DTRACE for the particular item which fails it is advised to try to get the item isolated so that no other imports are taking place at the same time.
In order to perform a DTRACE follow these steps on the server which hosts the storage for the archived items:
* Launch DTRACE
* View
* SET StorageOnlineOPNS v
* SET ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVImport v
* LOG c:\temp\Item-Level-Trace.log
* quit
The folder/file path for the trace can be adjusted depending on the environment.
Now reproduce the issue by trying to re-importing the item (For example on the Stage 1 screen, find the mapping, and click ‘Retry’ and choose ‘Retryable Failed’)
Review the DTRACE as it is generated. A few moments after issue the retry command, the module should try to import the item again.
When the issue has been reproduced, type LOG to stop the DTRACE being generated.
The DTRACE window may then be closed.
Our Support teams will be interested in seeing:
– The TRACE which was obtained from Enterprise Vault
– The module logfile
Note: In many situations, Quadrotech may only be able to advise that Veritas should be contacted to further investigate the issue, however, because of our experience in using and importing data into Enterprise Vault, our Support Teams will review any log file which has been generated.

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