Some users might have rules for moving emails from Outlook to PST files. This may be because some emails are missing in PST files during migration, as PST files are locked by the Migration agent when the migration starts.
PST Flight Deck version 6.2 and higher.

  1. In the PST Flight Deck admin console, go to Settings > Windows Migration Agent > Agent.
  2. Select Edit XML.
  3. Add to the bottom: <DisableLocalOutlookRules>true</DisableLocalOutlookRules>
  4. Click Save.
  5. Restart Outlook.

Note: Rules remain disabled even after the migration is complete.


This setting only applies if users haven’t set PSTDisableGrow value. This value is set when User is Enabled. So in the best scenario, DisableLocalOutlookRules must be configured before migration.

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