Every one of our 2,000 customers has different reporting requirements and we do our best to make sure that our product is relevant to them all.  You can customize the dashboard to show only the data you are most interested in, and even create extra dashboards to display different selections of widgets.

You can add and remove additional dashboard widgets using the edit button in the top right hand corner of the dashboard.


You can tick or un-tick the box next to each widget to Add or Remove it from the Dashboard.

Widgets can be re-ordered on the Dashboard by clicking on the handle in the top right corner of the Widget itself and dragging it to a new location.
Dashboards are on a per-user basis. So each of your Cogmotive Reports users can update the Dashboard with the information that is most relevant to them.
To add a new dashboard with a different selection of widgets, click the Add New button in the Dashboards section of the navigation menu.
You can rename the Dashboard by clicking the title, entering a new name and selecting the tick box to save it.
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