Creating stacked graphs in Nova allows you to view multiple data fields in one easy to analyze chart. For example, in the chart below, we’ll create a stacked bar graph that shows the sum of inbound mail and outbound mail in one chart.

To begin creating your stacked chart:

  1. Create a new section and give your chart a name.
  2. Choose the Office 365 Mail Traffic data source.
  3. Choose Stacked Column. You can also select Stacked Bar or Stacked Line if you prefer.
  4. For your operator, choose Sum.
  5. For Applied to, choose Inbound Good Mail and Outbound Good Mail.
  6. For Series Name, select Scan Date.
  7. Add sorting, then select Scan Date. Choose descending from the drop down list.
  8. Input your Offset and Limit. These are the amount of dates that appear in your chart.


The data should now appear within your section. Click close section, then save.

Note: Currently, you can’t download stacked charts as a PDF. We will update this article once this feature becomes available.

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