Some environments use a HTTP or web proxy to route data to the internet. The Office 365 module requires an additional configuration step in order to work in that kind of environment, as described below.
Perform the following steps on the system which runs the Office 365 Module.
1.  Login to the server or workstation where the Office 365 Module is currently deployed using the account which is used to run the Archive Shuttle Office 365 Service
2.  Browse to the folder where the module is installed, and locate the file ‘ArchiveShuttle.Module.Office365.exe.config’ and open it in a text edit.
3.  Remove the <!—and –> from the line containing the ‘defaultProxy’ and set the value to be one of:


4.  Save and close the file.
5.  Restart the Office 365 Module service using Windows Service Control Manager.
Additional information:
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