Due to the security related issues, SMB protocol would not be allowed on Azure public facing interfaces. Therefore CUA can’t utilize SMB for uploading files to Core in Azure. For this purpose it’s possible to use the Migration Agent and configure it as the Central Upload Agent in Flight Deck console.
Install the Migration Agent on the desired workstation. It needs to have rights to access the migration files. This Agent needs to be installed on a dedicated and standalone workstation.
In Settings > Modules > Add Server add the workstation and choose type Central and Forced Upload Agent.

The user under which Migration Agent is running must be enabled. Also this user needs to be logged in the workstation.
If there are more locations, this setup needs to be created for every upload location.
The workstation needs to be ON or just locked to be able to upload files to core server.
The Migration Agent now acts like a Central Upload Agent in the Flight Deck console and it is now possible to upload files to the Core server located in the Azure environment, using secure internet protocols.

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