Sometimes you might need to create a PowerShell script that can be easily added on Archive Shuttle’s PowerShell Management page. It’s fairly easy to add a token or value to your PowerShell script in Archive Shuttle. However, adding a secured string requires more attention.


When you want to add secured string to your PowerShell script, when there’s an existing one, you can do it easily on Add PowerShell Parameter page. But, how do you add a new secured string when there is no option in the drop-down menu?

It’s not possible to add this value directly on the Add PowerShell Parameter page. To do it, you must log in to the machine where Archive Shuttle is installed and launch the Credential Editor (shown below).

When you open the Credential Editor, select the PowerShell tab. Then, click Add to add a new secured string.

After it’s added, the secured string appears as an option in the drop-down list on Archive Shuttle’s Add PowerShell Parameter page (see below).

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