When Journal Commander needs to create a mailbox in order to Ingest data into the target Office 365 environment, some considerations to be aware of are:

Normal and VJ leavers:

Allowed chars group A-Za-z0-9_.\\*- Everything except these chars will be replaced with underscore. Example: jozef.mundier(jozef@#!123 will look like jozef.mundier_jozef__123

More than one dot is replaced with one dot. Example jozef…mundier will look like jozef.mundier

Dots in the beginning of string are removed. Example ..jozef.mundier will look like jozef.mundier

Dots in the end of string are removed. Example jozef.mundier.. will look like jozef.mundier

JE leavers:

Users with invalid chars are marked as Invalid on UI so person who is working with Je users need to do some manual action to remedy such user.
Unicode chars are removed from email addresses as it is causing problems.
Multiple dots are replaced with one dot.
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