This article explains how you can assign the permissions required for Radar Reporting’s SharePoint Online reports in bulk and submit them to be imported in bulk.


You will require the following Powershell add-on in order to run this update.
You will also need to download the PowerShell script and extract from the zip file.

Running the script

  1. Open up a Powershell window
  2. At the command prompt type Set-SCOLAccess.ps1 –Get . Ensure you use the switch GET
  3. Type in the name of an existing SharePoint Admin account
  4. Enter the Password
  5. Enter the name of the SharePoint Admin Url. This is usually in the form of https://<tenantdomain>
  6. Select Y to edit the output file Sites.txt



           Remove any Site Collection you DO NOT want to update with the new admin.
           Ensure there are no blank lines and make sure there is 1 entry on each line

  1. Save & Close sites.txt
  2. If you are ready to apply the changes, select Y to ‘Add a new Site Collection Admin’
  3. Enter the name of the user account you would like to add as a Site Collection Admin


Once this has been run you can open the file in Notepad or a similar text editor.

Importing the Site Collections to Radar Reporting

Now that you have the permissions and list of site collections you can log in to Radar Reporting as an Admin user.
Click on the Profile & Settings link in the left hand navigation menu and click the SharePoint Reports tab.

You can now click the Bulk Add Site Collections button and paste in the output from the file you created earlier.  This will import those site collections and make them available in the reports.

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