Archive Shuttle may show the following warning in the GUI about Link database licensing:
Link database has not been updated for more than 3 days
Use the following SQL statements on the ArchiveShuttleDirectory Database:

UPDATE Link SET LicenseData = NULL
UPDATE ScheduledTask SET RunNow = 1 WHERE ScheduledTaskId = 4

This will run the licensing update immediately and the warning will disappear.
It may be necessary to do an IISRESET and to re-open the web browser after issuing the SQL command.
If none of above does work, it may be caused by DNS can’t resolve computer name in config file “\Program Files\QUADROtech\Archive Shuttle\Service\ArchiveShuttle.Core.Service.exe.config”
Try to use AS core computer’s FQDN or it’s IP address instead of computer name

<setting name="WebServiceURL" serializeAs="String">
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