As a Radar Reporting administrator, you can create additional user accounts for your staff, allowing them to log in to the reporting application.
If you just registered a Radar Reporting account, you’ll be prompted to add users during the setup process by following the link on this screen:

Additionally, Radar Reporting administrators can add users at any time from within the reporting application. Here’s how:

  1. In Radar Reporting, from left menu go to USER MANAGEMENT.
  2. Click the Manage Users button. The Quadrotech Tenant Management System (TMS) opens, as shown below.
  3. In your organization click Users button.
  4. Go to the  tab Invitations where you can invite users.

  1. Enter the email address of the user you want to have access to Radar Reporting.
  2. From the role drop-down list, select the Radar Classic and/or System Administrator role.
    • Radar Classic: User in Radar Reporting.
    • System Administrator and Radar Classic: Admin in Radar Reporting.
  3. Click Invite.

Note: The administrator must have both the System Administrator AND Radar Classic role.
The invited user receives an email. They follow instructions in the email to accept the invitation to access Radar Reporting.
Invited users are listed in the Invitations tab as showed in example above.
After the user accepts the invitation to access Radar Reporting, in TMS, they’re added to the list of associated users (and removed from the list of pending invitations). Additionally, in Radar Reporting User Management, you can click Refresh Users and the new user displays there, too:

Invitation to access Radar Reporting

Here’s how it looks when you invite a user to access Radar Reporting.
First, they receive an invitation via email:

When they click the link in the email, they’re prompted to create a user account. They can create credentials that are unique to their Radar Reporting/Quadrotech account, or they can leverage their Azure Active Directory credentials to access Radar Reporting. Here’s how it looks:

Finally, they might be asked to enter/confirm name:

The process is finished after the user saves changes and clicks the button to return to the Quadrotech platform.

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