In Nova Delegation & Policy Control we provide information which enables a user to review and amend information about users and mailboxes. Since the Office 365 and Azure platforms contain a lot of information only certain information is initially collected in relation to mailbox data. In this article we’ll see what is initially collected, and, what additional information can be gathered on-demand.

Initial collection

Nova collects information called ‘Mailbox detail’. This includes things like:

  • Primary SMTP address
  • Name
  • Forwarding SMTP address
  • Type of recipient
  • Whether an archive is enabled or not
  • Whether mailbox auditing is bypassed or not

Rescan to get more

In the Nova DPC user interface when you have a particular mailbox information shown on the screen, you can perform a ‘rescan’ in order to get additional information.

The rescan button is over on the right hand side of the header, as shown in the above screenshot.
When selected you’ll see this pop-up:

Each of this options (multiple can be selected) will collect additional information as described below:

Detail: Rescan of the basic data such as forwarding information, mailbox type, auditing status, archiving status.
Recipient permissions: Send-As information
Mailbox permissions: Who has Full Access, Read, Delete, Change Permission or Change Owner
Folder Statistics: Gathers folders in a mailbox along with folder size and item count. There is a sub-scan of folder statistics to get folder level permissions.
Mobile devices: Gathers friendly name, number, Operating System, Status and Last Sync information for mobile devices accessing this mailbox
Automatic replies: Gathers out of office information for this mailbox

Note: If you wish to obtain send-on-behalf-of permissions, you should scan using the ‘Detail’ option. In addition in order to see the send-on-behalf-of permissions a delegated administrator will need access to view the mailbox detail information.

When the options have been selected, and the ‘Rescan’ button clicked, Nova will submit a job to collect the additional data, and will confirm that on the screen:

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