The below query will help you to find item database.

use [ArchiveShuttleDirectory]
SELECT LDB.SQLDatabaseName FROM ContainerMapping CM INNER JOIN
container C ON C.ContainerId = CM.SourceContainerId INNER JOIN
Link L ON l.linkid = C.linkId INNER JOIN
LinkDatabaseConnection LDB ON LDB.linkId = L.linkid
WHERE CM.containermappingid = XXX — enter journal explosion mapping ID

In table SenderRecipient in Archive shuttle item database you can find all users.

Based on bellow query you can list of users who are not enabled for migration.

use [ArchiveShuttleItem_XXX] –your item database from previous query
SELECT [SenderRecipient].OriginalAddress AS PrimarySMTPAddress, [User].UserSid, [User].sAMAccountName AS SAMAccountName, [User].UserPrincipalName
FROM SenderRecipient
LEFT JOIN [ArchiveShuttleDirectory].[dbo].[User] ON [User].PrimarySMTPAddress = OriginalAddress
LEFT JOIN [ArchiveShuttleDirectory].[dbo].JournalExplosionUserMapping ON JournalExplosionUserMapping.OriginalSmtpAddress = OriginalAddress AND JournalExplosionUserMapping.ContainerMappingId = XXX — enter journal explosion mapping ID
WHERE JournalExplosionUserMapping.OriginalSmtpAddress IS NULL

Mentioned query will get you a list of users that have not been enabled for Journal Explosion.

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