File successfully uploaded but is not processed by any modules despite restarting those services.
Uploaded files should begin processing by the post processing modules within the hour of having the Upload Status reflect a successful upload in most cases. Should you notice a prolonged period where files are not progressing, a likely culprit is that your license key has expired.
Other behavior noted from having an expired license key is as follows:

  • Core service fails to restart
  • Missing features in the PST Flight Deck Admin Console
  • Abnormal responses of certain options in the PST Flight Deck Admin Console

To confirm your license key is valid, please perform the following steps:

  1.  Click the “information” icon in the upper right of the PST Flight Deck console
  2. Review the resultant window for license status as seen in figure 1

The Core service log files can also be used to determine if the license key is valid.
If you feel your license is expired and should not be, please contact a Quadrotech representative to help you with the issue.
For assistance in adding a license file to the PST Flight Deck server, please review the following knowledge-base article:

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