This article provides details related to the Extraction Threshold setting in PST Flight Deck.
You can set a threshold warning for the handling of corrupted PST files in PST Flight Deck. To do this, go to Settings > Environment > Advanced. There’s a column where this threshold can be adjusted.
The setting triggers a warning when a specific number of items or percentages of selected PST files are corrupted. As soon as the extraction process reaches one of these conditions, the file’s status changes from Migrating to Partially Extracted, and operator action is required.

An extraction threshold is set as on the screenshot above (5 items or 0.1%) and PST file has 1,000 items. 0.1% from 1,000 items is 10 items. As soon as the number of corrupted items reaches the minimum of these two values (in this case 5 items) it marks the file as Partially Extracted and operator action is necessary.

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