From time to time when reviewing export and import performance data larger than normal quantities of data can be seen to be exported. This article explains why this might be.
Many of the reasons for rising, or falling, or spikey export or import performance can relate to the migration environment. In some situations it can be easily explained:
In one customer environment, the following was observed when reviewing the performance of the extraction of data from Enterprise Vault:

The question is: Why is there is a big boost in export performance for a time, which then stops fairly suddenly and goes back to a few Gb per hour?

The dramatic rise in export volume is because a batch of roughly 200 containers had been mapped and enabled for migration. This caused the EV Collector to collect item-level metadata about all of the mapped containers, and, for the export to begin on those containers.
The dramatic drop in export volume is because the batch finished exporting:

After the period of high activity, the export continued at a lower speed (this was background extraction of data from a journal archive which requires envelope reconstruction; so happens at a slower speed)

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