It is possible to add customized steps into a Stage 2 workflow and to execute PowerShell scripts. These can perform customer or environment specific actions. There are essentially two steps which need to be performed:

  • Addition of scripts
  • Customization of the Workflow

These are covered in the next sections.

Addition of scripts

This section of the user interface allows an administrator to add PowerShell scripts to perform various tasks.
Scripts can be added, edited and deleted. When adding a script it should be given a friendly name, and description. The script itself can be added directly, or it can be uploaded from a file that you already have.

Customization of Workflow

PowerShell scripts can be added to an existing workflow. It is also possible to add multiple scripts, if required. To add a script edit the desired workflow, and from the right hand side of the screen click on the PowerShellScriptExecutionRunScript command. This will add that command to the bottom of the workflow.
The command can the be moved to the appropriate position in the workflow.
The command in the workflow needs to be edited so that you can provide the name of the script that you want to execute.

Examples of PowerShell Execution

The following article contains examples of PowerShell scripts.

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