The Nova Exchange Online workload is monitoring real-time end user experience.
The Exchange Online Workload runs the following user experience tests:

  • Mailbox operation tests to open mailbox, create email, task, folder, meeting all test the functionality and connectivity to the user’s exchange message store.
  • Free/Busy lookup Often, when free/busy lookups fail it affects heavy calendar users such as executives and their assistants. When your executives experience issues, they require an immediate response. It’s best to know about the issues and be working toward a solution before your executives raise critical tickets. Strategically placed beacons in corporate headquarters can give you the edge you need.
  • Search mailbox tests the indexes. When a user is unable to efficiently search their mailbox, it degrades the end user experience and generates helpdesk tickets which cannot be resolved by first level support personnel. If an admin is notified of the degraded experience immediately, they can take steps needed to resolve issues with the exchange indexes.
  • Auto Discover: If AutoDiscover fails or takes too long to succeed it can impact a user’s ability to open their mailbox. If this happens it could be a network issue, DNS or even certificates. If the proper DNS entries are not in-place, auto-discover will fail and have a widespread impact on your users.
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