This article contains system requirements for EVnearSync. An EVnearSync deployment consists of two components:

  • EVnearSync Agent: The agent needs to be installed on each Enterprise Vault server in the environment that hosts a storage service or indexing service.
  • Core/Web: The EVnearSync Core/Web components need to be installed on a separate server. It is the Core/Web components that collate replication data and give the administrator the interface to observe EVnearSync operations.

System Requirements

The following software requirements should be noted.

Agent only installation

Component Notes
Operating system Any operating system supported by Enterprise Vault*
.Net .Net framework 4.0

*We’ve tested against operating systems supported by Enterprise Vault version 12.5 and earlier.

Core/Web product installation

Component Notes
Operating system Windows 2012 R2
Windows 2016
Windows 2019
Memory 4 GB
Disk space 10 Gb of free disk space plus space to store a replica of the data from the Enterprise Vault environment
.Net .Net framework 4.0
Server roles The server roles and features that need to be installed are listed here

Note: If the installer doesn’t find the appropriate .Net framework version, it prompts you to download and install it.

Enterprise Vault Requirements

EVnearSync doesn’t currently support Enterprise Vault Collections on open partitions. Enterprise Vault partition data that you want to replicate should be configured to use a trigger file, with partition scanning set to “every 1 minute”. This is an EVnearSync best practice configuration setting.

Microsoft SQL Server Requirements

EVnearSync stores configuration and replication information in a SQL database. For small environments this can be on the same SQL Server as the Enterprise Vault Directory Database (or Vault Store databases). In larger deployments, it is preferred to have this database on a dedicated SQL Server instance.

Disk Space

Here’s how much space is recommended for the EVnearSync database:

  • Database: 250Mb
  • Log: 500Mb

Note: Configuring best practice SQL Server maintenance plans and regularly backing up the EVnearSync database is recommended.


These versions of Microsoft SQL Server are supported:

Version Supported?
SQL Server 2008 Yes
SQL Server 2008 R2  Yes
SQL Server 2012 Yes
SQL Server 2014 Yes
SQL Server 2016 Yes
SQL Server 2017 Yes

Note: It’s recommended to have the latest service pack applied to the SQL Server.

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