It might sometimes happen that when you do an initial installation and configuration of EVnearSync it doesn’t start replication. If you are running on Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 or above there is some manual action required to get the replication working.
You can see this logged in the EVnearSync Agent log file after you start the EVnearSync Agent Service:

[2015.06.04 13:50:16:612] [ 7300] [   15] [DEBUG] [Initialize]  No matching provider found - creating new 
[2015.06.04 13:50:16:612] [ 7300] [   15] [DEBUG] [UpdateProviderData]  Creating provider - CustomID:[EVnearSyncAgent_56235af9-aaba-4822-80a7-55d4c7dc2376], Icon:[C:\Program Files\QUADROtech\EVnearSync\icon.ico] 
[2015.06.04 13:50:16:674] [ 7300] [   15] [INFO] [CreateProvider]  Provider created [165A33EFEFD60D844B67B272E93CB3AF81013i00localhost] 
[2015.06.04 13:50:16:674] [ 7300] [   15] 
[WARN] [CreateProvider]  EV content provider created.
It has to be manually enabled in EnterpriseVault
management console to function properly. 
[2015.06.04 13:50:16:768] [ 7300] [   14] [TRACE] [StartWcfListener]  Sent status to core: Running 
[2015.06.04 13:50:21:877] [ 7300] [   14] [TRACE] [StartWcfListener]  Sent status to core: Running 
[2015.06.04 13:50:22:893] [ 7300] [   14] [TRACE] [StartWcfListener]  Sent status to core: Running

In addition to that, there is also  a warning logged in the Windows Event Viewer (QUADROtech node):

Please go to Enterprise Vault Management Console and enable the EVnearSync Agent Content Provider manually. As is shown in screenshot bellow:

EVnearSync will start the replication immediately once the Content Provided has been enabled.
NOTE: There is no need to restart  the service to start the replication.

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