This page shows all Enterprise Vault Retention Categories that have been mapped, and allows an administrator to add or delete existing mappings.
A Retention Category mapping is necessary in cross-Enterprise Vault Site/Directory migration scenarios. This is required so that Archive Shuttle knows which Retention Category it should apply to the target item, based on the retention category of the source item.
A Retention Category mapping can also be used to change the Retention Category in intra-Enterprise Vault Site/Directory migration scenarios. This is useful if it is required to consolidate Retention Categories.
Note: Without Retention Category mappings in place, Archive Shuttle will export data from Enterprise Vault, but not import any items into Enterprise Vault.

Actions to be performed on the EV Retention Mappings page

  • Create Mapping: Create a new Retention Category Mapping. The following information is required, and can be selected from drop-down lists when creating the mapping:

– Source site
– Source Retention Category
– Target Site
– Target Retention Category

  • Create Multiple Mappings: This can be used to add multiple retention category mappings at one time.
  • Add Intrasite Migration Mappings: This can be used in intra-Enterprise Vault Site scenarios. It maps every Retention Category to itself, thus keeping the existing Retention Category during migration.
  • Delete Mapping: Deletes the selected Retention Category mapping(s)
  • Edit Mapping: Allows a mapping to be modified.
  • Refresh: Refresh the information on the displayed Retention Category table

Note: Unmapped retention categories can be seen on the System Health page

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