The EV Export module logs the following error for every item for a particular archive, or for several archives:

2015-03-16 14:11:04Z|5056| 4|ERROR| Process|Error occured. ArchiveID: [16B618AA49A7D8F14BEBDBD49BFB485341110000evsite.ev.locall] | ItemID: [16641d20-e407-4a84-9bb1-ae47982e8800] Void Get(Int32)
Too much work is outstanding, wait a while and re-try later.
 at KVS.EnterpriseVault.Interop.IItem.Get(Int32 DetailLevel)
 at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVExportModule.ItemContentRetrievers.ContentRetrieverBase.FetchItem(IItem item, Int32 detailLevel)
 at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVExportModule.ItemContentRetrievers.StandardContentRetriever.FetchItem(IItem item)
 at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVExportModule.ItemContentRetrievers.ContentRetrieverBase.Process(EVArchive archive, Int32 commandId, Int32 mappingId, EVExportResult item, String exportPathBase)

In some versions of Enterprise Vault (for example EV 7) a ‘closed’ mailbox archive may lead to the above error.
Check the version of Enterprise Vault, and review the archive status column in the Vault Admin Console.  If the archives are shown as ‘closed’, perform a SQL update statement for the affected archives to set them back to normal/open, eg:

UPDATE Archive SET ArchiveStatus = 1 WHERE ArchiveName = 'SomeUser'
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