The EV Export log file may show the following type of error:

2015-03-27 12:36:11Z|2140| 14|ERROR| Process|Error occured.
ArchiveID: [13CDC582C9229574CBD7E6DA2BAD77A091110000evsite] | ItemID:
[d7d0d914-10e1-41e4-90cb-26f447f22d50] Void Get(Int32) 
An internal failure occurred. Internal Error: 'Unable to access the
Directory Service on %1 Check that the Directory Service is running.

The error is usually repeated continuously in the log file.
The error is coming back from the Enterprise Vault API. Rebooting the server where the EV Export module is installed might solve this issue.
You can also try following:
1) stop all EV services
2) check task manager and kill any remaining EV staff\processes
3) start all EV services again (One of the EV services should be the “Enterprise Vault Directory Service”)

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