You may encounter the error Unable to retrieve Transport Message Headers during a migration from Source One archive manager.

Here’s an example of the error:

 2018-03-16 12:39:02Z|7000|s1 server| 22|ERROR| SaveItems|Item export failed! Item Identifier: [201401%2014123456789%1234567895464684498999898], Bucket Id: [-3515994502517958093], Mapping Id: [1], Routing Id: [12345678]. Error msg: Timefinity.Messaging.Library.Journal.JournalReconstructionException: Unable to retrieve Transport Message Headers!
 at Timefinity.Messaging.Library.Journal.JournalReconstructor.UpdateJournalProperties(MapiStorage p1, Boolean isUnicode, JournalEnvelopeType envelopeType, Boolean ignoreMissingTransportHeaders)
 at Timefinity.Messaging.Library.Journal.JournalReconstructor.Reconstruct(Message p2, IJournalEnvelope envelope, Boolean ignoreMissingTransportHeaders)
 at Timefinity.ConnectorFramework.SourceOne.SourceOneJournalReconstructor.CreateEnvelope(Message message, IList`1 databaseRecipients)
 at Timefinity.ConnectorFramework.SourceOne.SourceOneConnector.ExtractItems[T](String bucketId, IList`1 itemIds, Nullable`1 messageSizeLimit)

We added the ability to ignore missing transport message headers by adding PR_Transport Message Headers and PR_Transport Message Header properties to the journal message with the journal information. Because Archive Shuttle is changing the message property, you need to be aware of it and set the option in Archive Shuttle.

You need to turn on the function in Archive Shuttle by going to Configuration > System Configuration > SourceOne Module.

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