One of the root causes for the error “Transmission to core failed” is corrupted message item structure when offline media option in Archive Shuttle is used.
The EV Export module log file (core log file, trace log level enabled) shows error “File Extension is too long.”
1 . File extension is visible in the row starting with “FileExtension”, as shown. Instead of maximum 16 characters (maximum length in SQL database table) EV Export module tries to send to the Core a text string with 83 characters which is above the maximum file extension length.

2 . File extensions are stored in the Archive Shuttle Item database in the table called FileExtension. The column is called “Name” with datatype varchar(16).

A fix for this repeated transmission (and failure to transmit) is included in 7.7.24063 and higher.
With the fix in place, file extensions which are too long will result in the item being marked as failed.
Fix is available in version 7.7.24063.0 and higher.

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