Archive Shuttle EV Export module may log error message “Enterprise Vault is not running”:

2018-12-06 08:18:48Z|4383|rcpphqev02|101|ERROR| Process|Export with Memory EV Export Storage setting fails. Void Get(Int32)
Enterprise Vault is not running. 
at KVS.EnterpriseVault.Interop.IItem.Get(Int32 DetailLevel)
at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVExportModule.ItemContentRetrievers.JournalNativeContentRetriever.FetchItem(IItem item)
at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVExportModule.ItemContentRetrievers.ContentRetrieverBase.ProcessAsMemoryStream(StagingArea stagingArea, EVExportResult item, EVArchive archive, ContainerTypeEnum targetMigrationType)
at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVExportModule.ItemContentRetrievers.ContentRetrieverBase.Process(EVArchive archive, Int32 commandId, Int32 mappingId, EVExportResult item, ExportArchive command)
2018-12-06 08:18:48Z|4383|rcpphqev02|101| WARN| Process|EV Export Storage configuration is set to: Memory. You can try to set it to: MemoryFallbackWithFileSystem and reprocess.


Check if EV services are running.

  1. If all EV Services have stopped, the issue may be caused by low disk space.. EV Admin Service writes a warning message to Windows Application Log if 95% of disk space is used. If 99% of disk space is used, all EV Services will stop.Details can be found in the following article from Veritas:
  2. It may happen that only EV Storage Service is not running and all other services are running. It can be caused by low disk space or unavailability, even if only one partition is affected.
    1. Check disk space on a Vault Store partition.
      If there are several partitions, check disk space on all of them.
    2. Check if partition location (physical folder) is available. EV Storage Service checks the Vault Store partitions, after start. If even one partition location (physical folder) is not available, e.g. is missing or can not be reached for whatever reason, EV stops the Storage and Task Controller services.
      Details can be found in the following article from Veritas:

Reasons for full disk space

A closed partition may increase in size and needs to be backed up due to the following reasons:

  1. Deletion
    Enterprise Vault modifies the partition if users delete items from their archives.
  2. Storage Expiry
    Enterprise Vault deletes items from archives when their Retention Periods expire.
  3. Collections
    The Enterprise Vault Collector continues to run on a closed partition. Collections are required on closed partitions because the collection process removes temporary files that are created when users view archived items.
  4. Pending Items
    Items that are in a pending state before the partition is closed, result in writes to the closed partition.

If a closed partition is likely to be modified, it is recommended to perform regular backups of the closed partition.
If a closed partition is never modified, regular backups are not required. It is sufficient to perform a final backup of the partition and then remove the partition from a backup routine.

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