You may receive an error message in the Office 365 log saying Azure AD PowerShell is “not installed” even it is. This article explains one of the situations where this might occur.
Before installing any of the modules there is pre-installation check for several things. One of the prerequisites is to check if the Azure Active Directory PowerShell module allowing PowerShell interaction between Archive Shuttle and O365 is installed.

The check passes when:
1. The machine running Office365 import module is based on Win 2008 R2 and has installed component below:
2. You have installed Azure AD powershell module
If Azure AD PowerShell module is installed you will be notified in O365 import module logs by the following message when the module is started:
Check for Azure AD PowerShell Module was successfull!
– ArchiveShuttle also checks this module by running this simple command command “connect-msolservice” (will ask for credentials).

Even Azure AD PowerShell module is installed following error may be logged:
Execute|Unable to process command Office365ProvisionMailbox: ‘Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell’ is not installed and is required for Office365 Leavers feature to be working.
(instructions for installation:
– ArchiveShuttle may receive this error when trying to provision user mailboxes without proper permissions.

When looking at the error it may be misinterpreted as missing Azure AD PowerShell module even it is installed, but it can be related to missing account permissions.
Setting global admin permissions for account used in credential editor will resolve the issue (account used with command “connect-msolservice”).

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