In some environments SQL Deadlocks have been seen on the Enterprise Vault Directory Database. This can occur if the user being migrated has many folders, and there are many users in that same situation. The result is that the ArchiveFolder table gets very large.
This in turn leads to errors during the creation of new folders in an archive. The Enterprise Vault Event Log may start to get the following errors logged:

DTrace may show:

31236 13:30:57.752 [7500](StorageOnlineOpns) <7676> EV~E
Event ID: 6469 An exception has occurred.|
[Internal reference CArchiveAssister/CF/ce]|
[|Details:|ContainerArchiveVEID: null|
ParentFolderVEID: 1C787E198C7566742ADC42D636BF3E69B1A10000evault123|
FolderName: Countrywide|FolderPath: ?Client folders?Countrywide|] |



55721 13:36:55.356 [6664](DirectoryService) <15912> EV~E
Event ID: 13360 An error was detected while accessing the Vault Database
'EnterpriseVaultDirectory' (Internal reference: {CADODataAccess::ExecuteSQLCommand}
[.\ADODataAccess.cpp, lines {1317,1319,1335,1353}, built Jul 10 17:51:36 2013]):
|Description:  |Lock request timed out| |
|SQL Command: | CreateArchiveFolder| |
|Additional Microsoft supplied information:|
|Source:Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
|Number:0x80040e14 |SQL State:42000
|Native Error: 00050000 |HRESULT|0x80040e14| |


The API returns a “Catastrophic failure”

30842 13:30:50.956 [7500](StorageOnlineOpns)
<7724> EV:H {CSimpleStore::InsertItem6} (Exit)
Status: [Catastrophic failure  (0x8000ffff)]

Assistance must be sought from Veritas in order to rectify this issue. Reference should be made to Etrack 3506904.

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