In some migrations, migrating data to a mailbox might result in that mailbox getting filled up to the maximum allowed by the quota.


A few steps can be implemented to remove this problem in a migration
For any Leaver mailbox that has reached the quota:

  • An archive mailbox must be enabled
  • Confirm Litigation Hold is set / Remove RetentionHold

PS C:\ get-mailbox | fl *hold*
LitigationHoldEnabled     : False
RetentionHoldEnabled      : False
EndDateForRetentionHold   :
StartDateForRetentionHold :
LitigationHoldDate        :
LitigationHoldOwner       :
ComplianceTagHoldApplied  : False
DelayHoldApplied          : False
DelayReleaseHoldApplied   : False
LitigationHoldDuration    : Unlimited
SCLDeleteThreshold        :
SCLRejectThreshold        :
SCLQuarantineThreshold    :
SCLJunkThreshold          :
InPlaceHolds              : {}


  • Ensure LitigationHold is Enabled, Disable RetentionHold

if (($mbx.RetentionHoldEnabled  -eq $true) -and ($mbx.LitigationHoldEnabled  -eq $true))
write-host "Both LitigationHold and RetentionHold are enabled, disabling retention holds for $smtp"
set-mailbox $smtp -LitigationHoldEnabled $true -RetentionHoldEnabled $false


  • An MRM policy with tag “Move to Archive” should be created (or use an existing policy) and applied via EAC to Leaver mailboxes


    • Go to: compliance management (Retention Policies > Retention Tags)
    • Create a retention tag – Example:
      • Add Tag – automatically apply to entire mailbox (default)
      • Name: 14 Days Move
      • Retention Period: 14 days
      • Retention Action: Move to Archive
    • Add tag to new policy (or existing policy)
    • Apply Retention Polices to mailboxes (via powershell or EAC)
    • Optional: Trigger the Managed Folder Assistant (for immediate action)…  Example:
      • PS C:\> Start-ManagedFolderAssistant


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