This article explains what the LowWaterMark is used for in Archive Shuttle.
The default LowWaterMark is 20 GB. If the free disk space on a links’ staging area drops below this value, exporting of new data will be suspended. This will be accompanied by a warning in the Core log file:
[2014-03-18 10:52:30Z] [ 1844] [ 5] [ WARN] [ GetExportCommands] Free space 37.04 GiB on Link 78fecde4-eb0b-44a1-894b-aa158defe577 | Path \\fs01\exportimport is lower than LowWatermark of 38.63 GiB. Aborting Export for that Link.
It can also be seen visually on the Health Dashboard:
The coloured background to the free space in the above screenshot will change:

  • Green – more than 75% free
  • Yellow – between 50 and 75% free
  • Red – less than 50% free
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