This article explains what the HighWaterMark is used for in Archive Shuttle.
The default HighWaterMark is 20 GB. If the amount of data which has been exported, but not imported for a particular link exceeds this value, exporting of new data will be suspended. This will be accompanied by a warning in the Core log file:
[2014-03-18 10:52:30Z] [ 1844] [ 5] [ WARN] [ GetExportCommands] We gave already exported (and not imported) 37.04 GiB which is more than 35.1 GiB (HighWatermark) for link 78fecde4-eb0b-44a1-894b-aa158defe577 and will now wait with further queueing.
It can also be seen visually on the Health Dashboard:

The coloured background to the percentage used values in the above screenshot will change:

  • Green – less than 75%
  • Yellow – between 75% and 90%
  • Red – more than 90%
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