Filtering your charts and tables and dates is easy to do within the Nova Report Center. You are able to search within very specific time frames for a variety of data sources and data source categories.

To filter your data to within certain time frames:

  1. Go to your chosen report that you have already created, or begin by building one. Ensure that your report is one in which date is a valid property.
  2. Go to Add filter group.
  3. In Select field…, select the date property. This could take multiple forms, including Date, Activity Date, Created Date Time. Deleted Date Time, and so on. This depends on which data source you have selected.
  4. Then select the parameters of your date filtering.
    1. With is newer than, these are dates AFTER your parameters. For example, is newer than 1 year is within the past year up to this point.
    2. With is older than, these are dates BEFORE your parameters. For example, is older than one year includes dates before the past year, not including the past year.

You are also able to add another filter so you can include dates within a specific time frame i.e. between 30 and 60 days. This is possible by clicking the plus button and repeating the steps above. Ensure that you have selected AND, rather than OR, if you are filtering between two dates. This can be seen in the image below.

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