Nova reports can be customized and organized.

Customizing reports

There are several ways to customize reports so they’re specific to your organization. You can customize a report’s sections and layout. You can customize the data source and fields used in each section. And, you can customize how information displays in each section by applying sorting and filters.

Searching reports

You can search for reports based on the title or description.

Cloning reports

You can clone any of the reports. After you give the new report a unique name, you can customize the new report by adding/removing sections, fields, and sorts/filters, so the new reports show exactly what you want to see.

Sharing reports across the organization

Organizing your organization’s reports is easy, too. For example, you can share reports with the other Nova users from your organization.

Scheduling reports

You can schedule reports to be sent one time or periodically to stakeholders.

Storing (downloading/importing) report definitions

And, you can download a report definition, storing it for safe keeping. This is helpful in case the report definition gets edited by someone in your organization and you want to restore a previous version of the report. Here’s how you can download a report definition:

And, here’s how you import a report definition:

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