Here’s an example of a custom report section you could create using the Nova Report Center.
You create an Office 365 Spam and Malware report section that shows the number of spam and malware attempts over the last 30 days. The report section includes a table showing all fields related to the Office 365 Mail Traffic data source. It’s sorted in descending order by scan date, and the results are filtered so only the last 30 days display. Here’s how the finished report section looks:

Here are the steps to create this report section:

  1. Click Create Report.
  2. Enter a report title, for example Office 365 Spam and Malware (30 days).
  3. Click the plus sign to add a section to the report.
  4. Click the Table section type to begin editing the section.
  5. Choose the Office 365 Mail Traffic data source under the Exchange Data data source category.
  6. Choose and organization and group, if applicable.
  7. Click the Select field… link and select ALL fields, starting from Scan Date and work your way upwards. Then close the dialog.
  8. Click Add sorting.
  9. Click Select field.
  10. Select Scan Date, and make sure descending is selected.
  11. Enter 31 in the Limit field.
  12. Click Close section.
  13. Change the table section’s width to Full.
  14. Click Save.

Here’s a video of these steps:

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