A useful report that you can create in the Nova Report Center is viewing which licenses have been used and deployed over time in your tenant. This information is vital in seeing which licenses are being used the most, and which could be adopted further, all presented in easy to read charts and tables, giving you the information you need quickly.

Here are the steps to create this report:

  1. Go to the Nova Report Center whilst logged in to your tenant.
  2. Select Create Report
  3. Give your report a name, and a description if required.
  4. Click the plus icon to begin building your chart.
  5. Create a title for this section, and a description if required.
  6. Choose the data source ‘Tenant License History‘.
  7. Select your organization/org groups if required.
  8. Select the Bar chart.
  9. For Operator, choose Average.
  10. For Applied to, choose Percentage of Consumed Units.
  11. For Series name, choose License Name.
  12. Choose your required Offset and Limits.
  13. Data should now appear as a bar chart.

To create a table showing other license data, including assigned, unassigned and idle licenses, follow these steps:

  1. Click the plus icon
  2. Give your report a name and description if required.
  3. Select the data source Tenant Licenses.
  4. Click Select field and select the following data fields:
    1. License name
    2. Percentage of Consumed Units
    3. Assigned Units
    4. Unassigned Units
    5. Idle Units
  5. Choose your Offset and Limits if required.
  6. Data should now appear within your table. Close this section and save your report.

With your report, you can:

  • Download your report as a PDF
  • You can schedule your report to be updated and sent to recipients at a time you choose.
  • You can print your report.
  • You can edit your report.

Check out a video example of this report below:

See other report examples here.

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