The heatmap shows a breakdown of all of your main base licenses distributed by country. The color coding helps you identify which license has been assigned to which country the most.

To create this report:

  1. Create a new section.
  2. Create a title and description, if necessary.
  3. For your data source, choose Office 365 Users.
  4. Select your organization and organization group, if necessary.
  5. For your chart type, select Heatmap.
  6. For operator, select Count.
  7. For applied to, select Licenses Applied to User
  8. For series name, select License Set.
  9. For category, select Country/Region. 
  10. For a filter group, choose License Set then is not empty.
  11. Set your offset and limits.
  12. For your drill down fields, select Company, Country/Region, Department and Display Name.
  13. Your data should now appear as a heatmap. Click close section.

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