To create an application registration in Azure for Modern Auth, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Azure portal and select the “App Registration” option located in your dashboard, or simply type the name into the search bar.
  2. In the app registration, select the “New Registration” option:
  3. Next, fill the following columns:

Name – Name the application after your custom preferences

Supported account types – choose the account type that fits most of your organization

Redirect URI – http://localhost

  1. Then, click “Register”.

Your App registration is now complete.
When the application is created, the API permissions must be configured. This can be via the API Permissions bookmark on the left panel in the Azure portal by clicking on the Add a permission button.
From the permissions, select Exchange > Application Permissions > full_access_as_app  as on the following screenshot:

Uploading a certificate within the app registration
To upload the certificate that has been previously generated in your PST Flight Deck server machine within the app registration you’ve just created, simply navigate to App registrations > Certificates & secrets as on the following screenshot:

By clicking the “Upload certificate”, you are able to load the certificate into your Azure application.
These steps are mandatory to configure the Credentials Editor, which is now using the Modern Auth method described in this article.


To create a self-signed certificate for testing purposes, you can follow the steps described in the article here.

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