PST FlightDeck supports the synchronization of users from a different domain and the scenario of running a remote Active Directory (later AD) scan from additional server than the Core server.


Below are the steps to follow to achieve this:
  1. The binaries from Active Directory Sync module needs to be copied to the server which is connected to second domain. These binaries are located in the directory: c:\Program Files\Quadrotech\PST Flight Deck\Active Directory Sync
  2. Copy them from AD module installation directory from server where it works currently to the server you want to execute the scan on
  3. On second server, the AD scan has to be executed as scheduled task because FD can only handle one AD module
  4. Execute this command in the Command Prompt with the -sync switch on the second server  (QUADROtech.FlightDeck.ActiveDirectrory.Service.exe -sync). When dialog box will pop up please allow it to run
  5. Module will need to run in Admin command prompt in order to create the log directory and write the logs
  6. AD module standalone can not be run with the core server’s service account. It must be run with an account from the forest where you are attempting to run discovery (as it runs the LDAP query against the logon server only).


To enable logging, please copy exe file from c:\Program Files (x86)\Quadrotech\GTrace.exe and execute it on the new server.
There should be a button Enable logging. Please click it to enable logging.
Logs are then stored in file  Flight Deck Module (Active Directory).log in directory c:\Program Files (x86)\Quadrotech\Logs


In case you are working with version for Quest paths used are slightly different: c:\Program Files\Quest\Migration Manager for PSTs\Active Directory Sync
And logs are stored in path: c:\Program Files (x86)\Quest\Logs under the file name: Migration Manager for PSTs Module (Active Directory).log

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