Sometimes before migrating Journal from Enterprise Vault to Office 365 is necessary to think, if you want to have migrated whole envelope, or just the P2.
Archive Shuttle has a “Convert Journal messages to O365 Journaling Format” setting on Office 365 module tab in System Configuration, and this setting works as follows:
a) If unchecked (default), it will migrate the whole envelope (P1 include P2) to Office 365. In the Compliance Center, then you can do a search, because envelopes were implemented in the search functionality.
Journal message migrated with P1 and P2 item to Office 365:

b) If checked, it will migrate only the P2 message. The metadata of the P1 message (DL Expansion, BCC etc.) is then put into special properties of the P2. In this way Office 365 Compliance Search can find them.
Journal message migrated with P2 item to Office 365:

What is happening in background is that once Archive Shuttle collected information from P1 message, it will create new properties and store the P1 info into them.
Below you can see the Name of the property, type and GUID:

- NeedGroupExpansion        - PT_BOOLEAN   - 403FC56B-CD30-47C5-86F8-EDE9E35A022B
- GroupExpansionRecipients  - PT_UNICODE   - 403FC56B-CD30-47C5-86F8-EDE9E35A022B
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