The Connection by Client Type report shows how your users have connected to their mailboxes over a particular time period, be it via Outlook (MAPI), Outlook Web App (OWA), ActiveSync (EAS), Exchange Web Services (EWS), IMAP or POP3.

Modifying the Chart

This report can be displayed in several different ways, such as a pie chart, bar graph or line graph. You can also hide or show different series items. Click here to learn more about modifying the chart.

Changing the Date Period of the Report

When you first view this report it will show you the last 30 days’ worth of information. Use the Date Selection tool to display a different date range.

The Data Table

When you first click this report, it will display the Tenant Overview by default. The data table below the graph will show you detailed information about the number of connections made per client type on a day by day basis.

By selecting User Detail under the graph, the data table will instead display the number of times each user has connected through each client type.

As with all of the reports, this information can be customized, filtered and scheduled.

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