In environments with mailboxes, that contain very high number of folders, EVPM may be terminated inappropriately by EV Provisioning Module while performing various tasks. The following error message can be seen in EV Provisioning Module log file:

2014-04-17 13:11:28Z|INFO|P:19080|T:8|EVPMExecutor|Starting EVPM tool ...
2014-04-17 13:16:28Z|ERROR|P:19080|T:8|EVPMExecutor|EVPM still running. Aborting it.
2014-04-17 13:16:28Z|ERROR|P:19080|T:8|EVPMExecutor|Problem with enabling user mailbox
EXCEPTION: System.Exception: EVPM still running. Killed it.
at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVProvisioning.EVPMExecutor.ExecuteEVPM(EVExchangeData userMailboxData, String generatedScriptFile)
at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVProvisioning.EVPMExecutor.EnableUserMailbox(EVEnableUserMailboxData userMailboxData)


There is a configuration option, that allows to increase the time out in the customer environment. Following steps should be done in order to change the value of the setting:

  1. Stop the service associated with EV Provisioning Module.
  2. Locate the ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVProvisioning.exe.config file in the folder where the module/binaries are installed.
  3. Open the file, and edit the value of EVPMExecutionTimeoutMinutes setting, defined in minutes.
    <setting name="EVPMExecutionTimeoutMinutes" serializeAs="String">
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Start the service associated with EV Provisioning Module.
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