Follow the instructions below to configure and test Journal Commander.

Verifying that expected components were installed

Click here to see basic tests that should be performed after installation, after the system is idle for extended periods, or after upgrades were performed.

Basic configuration and end-to-end tests

After the product is installed, basic, fundamental things should work. This article covers some of those things.

Customer-specific system and workflow configuration

In this article you’ll learn about tuning Journal Commander, policies, modules, and so on.

Technical pilot

A technical pilot should be a brief test aimed at ensuring everything happens ‘once’ for a migration. In this article you’ll learn about testing Stage 1 processes and workflows (Stage 2).

Implementing the final configuration and process

After the technical pilot is complete, and discussions with a customer are complete, further customization or configuration changes might be needed. This article explains those things, along with whether any business processes need to be incorporated into the migration.

Business pilot

This article covers how to test the system with real data.

As you complete the steps above, you can feel confident that the project and delivery is heading in the right direction. Issues identified and resolved during these testing steps help ensure the project is successful.

After the tests are complete, you’ll be ready for the production / live migration.

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