Combining multiple charts in Nova Report Center allows you to see your data in one easy-to-read graph, giving you easy comparison between a variety of data sources.

You are able to combine as many charts as you like, however there are a few caveats to keep in mind:

  • The charts you would like to combine must be the same chart type e.g. bar, line, column. You are unable to combine pie charts.
  • The axis types must be the same. This is your applied to and series name categories when creating your chart.

To combine your charts:

  1.  Create your chart. Remember that only bar, column and line graphs can be used for combining. To see how to create a chart, check out this article.
  2. Click the Overlay checkbox to select the charts you would like to combine.

3. Once you have selected 2 or more charts to overlay, click Combine sections.

Your charts should now be combined into one. Your sets of data will be individually color coded for easy analysis, and you can hover over your data to get specific numbers.

You can uncombine your charts at any time by clicking Uncombine. This is useful if you need to edit one chart within your combined report, as you can’t do so when your charts are combined.

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