From time to time it has been observed that export will complete for a container in an EV to EV migration, but import will appear to hang.  This is sometimes due to the archive containing multiple container mappings, perhaps as a result of manual archiving, and these are not mapped in the administration console.
The following SQL commands can be run on the Item Database to check the mapping:

declare @containermappingiD int
select@containermappingID =513
if OBJECT_ID('tempdb.dbo.#temp_results','U') is not null
drop table #temp_results
Create table #temp_results
(ItemID uniqueidentifier,RCatCategoryID int,SourceRetentionCategoryID varchar(112),TargetRetentionCategoryID varchar(112))
-- Get all the items into a temporary table
insert into #temp_results(ItemID,RCatCategoryID)
select ie.ItemId,ie.SourceRetentionCategoryId
from ItemEnterpriseVault ie,ItemRouting IR
where IR.ContainerMappingId =@containermappingID
and IR.ItemId =ie.ItemId
-- Convert the Ret Cat for the source to an EV ID
update #temp_results set SourceRetentionCategoryID =
(select EVRetentionCategory.RetentionCategoryEVId
from EVRetentionCategory where EVRetentionCategory.RetentionCategoryId =#temp_results.RCatCategoryID)
-- Convert the Ret Cat for the target ret cat mapping to an EV ID
update #temp_results set TargetRetentionCategoryID =
(select TargetEVRetentionCategoryID
from ArchiveShuttleDirectory.dbo.EVRetentionCategoryMapping
where ArchiveShuttleDirectory.dbo.EVRetentionCategoryMapping.SourceEVRetentionCategoryId =#temp_results.SourceRetentionCategoryID)
-- Do some output
--- Summary
select SourceRetentionCategoryID,COUNT(*) as 'Num Items'
from #temp_results
group by SourceRetentionCategoryID
--- Non-Mapped summary
select COUNT(*) as 'Non Mapped'
from #temp_results
where TargetRetentionCategoryID is null
--- All results
select * from #temp_results
-- Clean up temporary table
drop table #temp_results

The output of that will look similar to this:

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