The logs files for PST Flight Deck are by default being written to C:\Program Files (x86)\QUADROtech\Logs location.
To change default logging location, follow this steps:
1. Create a folder in the new location, eg D:\QUADROtech\Logs
2. Move the gtrace.exe file to to new QUADROtech folder; D:\QUADROtech
3. Delete “Logs” folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\QUADROtech location

4. Open “Registry Editor” and create new String Value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\QUADROtech
    The name of the string must be “LogPath” and Value data must be the new logging location (in this case: D:\QUADROtech\Logs)
5. Create “gtrace.xml” file in the new logging location (D:\QUADROtech\Logs)

Before you restart the services make sure no files are processing – if so and you need to do it note these ID’s down and reprocess them after services are started.

6. Restart all the running PST Flight Deck services and also PSTFlightDeckWSAppPool in IIS (Internet Information Services Manager)

After performing this steps the log files will be written to new location.

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